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Spiritual vision is of the heart.

September 25, 2022

Spiritual vision is not of the eyes but of the heart. You know those moments when love is offered, when compassion is expressed, when giving has been experienced with no thought to what will be received in return. True sympathy has no equal and opposite response to the one who expresses sympathy. The recipient may always express appreciation, but such appreciation does not carry the weight of real sympathy. The vision that is required is the vision of receiving that sympathy.

If you look back upon any day, try to remember a moment, any moment, when you have received love from the spirit of another. There are many days that go by when you do not see that love. There are many days when you travel blindly, seeking an objective yet really not seeing the way. Seeing spiritually means perceiving at the most profound level.

It is like listening. You cannot hear the call of the softest bird if you are surrounded by noise. To hear, you must find quiet. To see love in your life, you must experience moments of peace, tranquility, and vulnerability. Your seeing is greatly dependent upon your receptivity. The more you are receptive, the more you are willing to be open to what happens, the more you will see. As your spiritual vision improves, as you become more sensitive to the gifts of love offered by others, you will in turn be empowered in your own sensitivity to find options and opportunities for expressing love in an active way.

Spiritual vision is of the heart.

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