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The dignity of all life matters.

April 22, 2021

You are being embraced by God. That may bring to mind the impression of arms pulling you inward to God, but the embrace of God carries with it an outreach that is far more comprehensive. God embraces all that exists. What does that mean? What does it imply? It implies and means that all that exists is significant. It means that all that exists matters. The relationships between people matter. The dignity of all life matters. For too long, humankind has been reaching outward but in a somewhat limited vision of what needs to be embraced.

Granted you cannot pray for every need of every human being, of every entity on
Earth. Your prayers are more often focused on one concern or another. You pray for a society. You pray for a group of people. You pray for a geographic area. You pray in general terms for the dignity of life. But even those grand embraces are in themselves merely a microcosm of the outreach and the embrace of God. When you understand fully that God is the energy that links and combines absolutely all that exists, then the magnitude of that reach, that embrace, that outstretching of spirit is fully beyond understanding. Despite that magnitude being so difficult to comprehend, it is nevertheless present.

The dignity of all life matters.
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