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To be God-loving.

August 4, 2019

Your experience of God is not by listening to God speak to you in a manner that you can receive in your normal senses. Your sense of God is deeper because it is an experience of your soul. Therefore, to experience God in another, you must be open to a level of sensitivity of far greater depth than that of mere listening to words.

Two people can face each another, and without touching or speaking they can communicate great sensitivity. They can communicate love. They can reach out and accept. How is this done? It is done through spiritual contact. There may be visual evidence by way of a smile or another gesture, but it is what causes that smile, what initiates the gesture, that is so important.

There is God in everyone. You are a part of God, and God is one with you. When you recognize the divinity of another, you communicate love to that person. You cannot reject anyone whom you recognize as divine, for you cannot reject God. By turning your back to another, you look away from God. To say that you are God-loving but that you hate another is illogical. You may not understand another, for you cannot fully understand God. You may look for a positive response in another and not find it, but you frequently pray to God and fail to hear the response.

When you criticize another’s actions as an indication or a measure of the amount of goodness one has in comparison with your own sense of self-worth, you place yourself above God. To judge another is to judge God. If you seek in some manner to find the good in another, the redeeming quality of strength and faith, then you are seeking God.

To be God-loving.
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