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Transmit your light with nonjudgmental love.

February 28, 2021

So many are experiencing great sadness because of the countless victims of this current pandemic. You, in your own way, have within you the capacity to be a light in the overwhelmingly dark-seeming void bereft of any light. How is it that you can be that light to another? You can illuminate the path of another just through your presence. It may not be a physical presence, but it is a way of bringing your own spiritual universe and the energy of that universe into the lives of others through your prayers, thoughts, your support, and actions. All of these are ways of being present.

At this time of enormous worldwide suffering and loss, physical presence becomes more difficult and even impossible, but that limitation in no way can diminish your light. What is it that you do? What is it that you can pray? What is it that you can think that becomes light for another? The most important means of transmitting your light to others is through an acknowledgment of others surrounded by pure, nonjudgmental love.

Yes, you can love others whom you do not know, for the very act of being loving toward others is an act of intention. It is an act of thought. It is an act of prayer. It is the attitude that you bring to the process of illuminating another. You can love someone you have never met. You can love someone whose name you have never heard. You can love others in a location that has no identity to you.

The mere effort that you put out with the goal of surrounding others with a love that is peace illuminates, comforts, and soothes. It is a peace of spirit.

Transmit your light with nonjudgmental love.
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