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You and your soul benefit.

June 1, 2015

At times, you are filled with a sense of loss and a heightened awareness of the suffering of spirit. “Suffering of spirit” does not mean that your soul is suffering as you think of suffering, but that your soul is giving forward, is giving outward, is giving beyond in a spirit of love and of peace. Your spirit is not only growing through its association with human life but is responding, and the suffering of spirit can therefore be considered a giving rather than a receiving, a reaching out and an embracing.

The suffering of spirit is an act of compassion. It is in a sense an expenditure of energy. It is the using of the energy that has been stored by way of the many ways you have contributed to its strength through your actions, through your prayers, through your giving.

You know you experience moments when you are too spent personally to give, for giving requires energy. Giving requires sacrifice. Giving requires commitment. Giving requires selflessness. All of these are part of the fountain that is love, and it is in that spirit of giving that the term “suffering” is used. It is not a sense of pain. It is not a sense of anguish but of reaching out and expending the energy that it draws from its connection to your own individual human existence. The spirit grows through its indelible and permanent connection to your human life.

You may think of spirit as being not unlike a battery that can be recharged. The battery provides energy. The battery provides light, power, many forms of energy, but the battery also receives sustenance. It is through the sustenance of your growth as a loving human being that the spirit, your individual spirit, is strengthened. It is for that reason that it accompanies you on your journey, and you are empowered as a loving human being by its presence and your welcoming of that spirit energy. It is a kind of exchange of energy. You benefit from your own soul, and your soul benefits from you.

You and your soul benefit.
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