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You are what you believe.

December 26, 2021

The difficulty of loving unconditionally comes when you lose touch with what it means to be loved unconditionally. It is easiest to live by example and thereby be an example. It is very difficult to be an example to others when you are unable to live by example. Ultimately you are what you believe. You can be no more. The more you believe, the more you may become.

Therefore, to be effective in using what God gives you, you must increase your awareness of what it is you believe in. You must increase your awareness of who God is and what God’s importance is to your lives.

When you are faced with tests—tests of your faith, emotional/physical stamina—return to the well, pause and reflect. Be willing to be open to God's light. With the assurance of God’s light, you will be capable of reflecting it towards others.

God's light is indeed your light. God's peace is your peace.

You are what you believe.
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