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You cannot believe something else.

October 23, 2022

You cannot convince others of the absolute validity of what you have learned, for others can only accept what they are ready to accept. You cannot feed an infant filet mignon; the child will not accept it. It makes no difference whether the food was cooked well or not; the child is in no position to receive it. A young student can never be expected to grasp the most sophisticated theory of astronomy. It makes no difference whether that theory is true or not; it cannot be assimilated.

And so it is as you try to deal with your perception of life and God within that life. There are details which you need yet to assimilate. There are details that you have taken in but would not be successful in transmitting to others. It's important for you to accept this reality.

You do have much to offer. You can contribute to the lives of many others. You can enrich their lives. You can help to provide meaning, comfort, love. All of this you can do, but you cannot expect of others, necessarily, to share your own personal view of God. You are urged not to be judgmental but rather accepting of where all others are in their spiritual course of development. Such urgings are for this reason: what is right for you is right for you; what is believed by another is right for that other person at that current stage in his or her development. You believe what you believe because you cannot believe something else. You are in your stage of development because that is the stage which is necessary at this time. That is not to say that what you learn is not valid or that it is valid and all others are invalid. It is only meant for you to believe that where you are in your growth is where you should be. That position changes constantly because growth changes constantly.

You cannot believe something else.

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