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You impact those for whom you pray.

June 25, 2023

For those for whom you pray, your prayers are indeed a connection. Those whom you pray for are in a very real sense fully aware of your existence, fully aware of who you really are, not what you are. They are fully aware of your prayers. They hear your prayers to God, not with their ears but with their spirit. You do have an impact, a very direct impact, on all for whom you pray, whether still in human form or not. There is an awareness that is strong yet soft, that is intense yet quiet, that is passionate and yet peaceful.

Those for whom you pray know of your prayers and benefit from them. The same is also true of your benefiting from their prayers, their presence in your life. When you ask for peace, when you pray for comfort, when you pray for God’s presence, those whom you know are very much a part of God’s response. Not only are they part of the response, but the guides of all human beings are part of the response. When you pray for help, it is not through a narrow opening that such help is received. God’s response is, in fact, the response of many working together, many souls who exist in our energy range, but also many souls whose opportunity it is to be guides for other human beings. There is a response that is from all. The difficulty is for you to acknowledge that response, to recognize it, to feel it, to know it is there.

You impact those for whom you pray.

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