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You live so your soul may grow.

August 7, 2022

No one is destined in some magical way toward a life of goodness or a life of deceit. You are only destined to move toward God as a function of your spiritual self. What you do is your own choice. You can help or you can hinder that progress. You can speed it up, you can slow it down, but you cannot stop it completely, for the soul is far more powerful than any physical body. It is more long-lasting; it is more durable. It is the only part of human existence that recognizes a true kinship with God.

Your responsibilities in life are to in some manner support that growth. You live so that your soul may grow and only for that reason. The character of your life affects the nature of that growth, but grow it will as it has grown before your human existence and as it shall continue to grow when no longer encumbered by human life.

You live for the growth of your soul. Recognize that relationship. Never assume that the soul in some manner serves life, for that is not the case. Spiritual growth is spiritual growth. Human life can help or hinder.

You live so your soul may grow.

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