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Be willing to listen.



You lead by listening. You give by listening. You bless and support by listening. Listening is perhaps the most active form of blessed support you can give to another. Listening is not only for words. You listen for other means of sharing. The tight hand, the furrowed brow, the position that one sits in or sleeps in, are all forms that can be “listened to.” You can know an individual is in pain by looking into his or her eyes, yet not a word may be spoken. You can know someone is fearful by the same means. Nothing has been said, but you have listened.


Being willing to be present for another in need is being willing to be present for a group of people—a nation, a region—that is in need. You are so wrapped up in the need to be doing that it is easy to forget the benefit of listening.


Make efforts to hold the hand of another.
Be willing to see life as another may see it.
Be willing to face the world as another may face it.
Be willing to face illness as another may face it.
Be willing to face transition from life to Life as another may face it.
Be willing to understand the beliefs of others as they choose those beliefs.



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