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You are where you need to be.



Every human life has its rhythm. Every life has its own path to follow. Every life recognizes when the path feels right, and every life recognizes when the path feels wrong. You may be on the right path and yet experience distractions as you travel along it, but those distractions are not barriers. They do not prevent you from accomplishing what is best for you. All that is important for you is possible, is doable, is obtainable by every person. What is an appropriate goal for one individual is not necessarily equally essential and appropriate for another. Wishing to achieve a goal someone else may reach that is not appropriate for you is not productive.


You are where you need to be at this moment, and you will be where you need to be at this moment. The present for you is always appropriate. It is for you to determine how it is appropriate, why it is appropriate, and where the path leads. That knowledge is obtained through your openness to spirit. It is by the inner journey, the journey to the inner circle, that you become more fully aware of the path that leads to the outer circle of God’s unifying presence.


It is so easy to be discouraged. It is so easy to be fearful. It is so easy to feel not capable of meeting the tasks that you set before you. You are capable of meeting the tasks that are appropriate for you. There is no need for fear. There is no need for worry. Worry and fear are only your response to what you are unsure of. They may be a manifestation of a difference between where you should be headed and where you wish to be headed. Fear also arises from a lack of confidence, but if you connect your consciousness to the strength of your spiritual center, there is no reason to have lack of confidence. 



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