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Judgments of others can consume you.

May 23, 2021

When you make mistakes, you understand that human beings are not perfect, and yet so quickly others can judge who you are and what you are because of the mistakes that are observed. Such judgment is in fact baseless. At this time in your life, living in the community you live in, experiencing the government of that community, it is easy to find fault, to judge another whose ideas are not in concert with your own. Even if you believe such wrong behavior may be threatening to your own sense of justice, of human rights, and the affirmation of dignity, you cannot for a moment relegate another to a position of value that is beneath your own, for such energy that is created in such relegation serves to make the journey of the other and your own journey more difficult. The energy that flows is an energy that goes in all directions. When you put forward energies that reflect judgments of others, you cannot seal yourself from that negative energy. You can find that you become consumed by it.

Judgments of others can consume you.
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