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About SoulOpeners

The quotes and passages presented here are the result of many years of meditation and quiet contemplation by a small group of individuals in the eastern United States who have met regularly in each other's homes since 1979. Those who have been a part of these gatherings over the years have represented many Christian denominations as well as other religions. The insights, comfort, and peace that are available to all who seek prayerful guidance originate from beyond our normal consciousness and speak to the higher truths that lie within each of us. SoulOpeners is a collection of such inspired wisdom from our "spirit guides," offered freely to help us live more loving and spiritually-centered lives as we chart our paths toward a more peaceful coexistence.

What More is Available

The inspiring quotes and bits of wisdom come from longer meditations referred to as Messages. The complete collection of approximately 600 full-length Messages is available on the Messages Library page. They are labeled by the dates they were received, but their relevancy is timeless. Whether you have just a minute to read an inspiring quote or hours to spend exploring the library of Messages, we hope you will find something here that inspires you, nourishes your soul, and brings you peace. 

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