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Accept challenges in an imperfect world.

August 9, 2020

God does not require constant repentance. God does not insist on the infliction of guilt. The God that all seek is a God full of patience and forgiveness. It makes no sense whatsoever if you accept that humanity is imperfect to in turn feel guilt for that imperfection. You may regret certain actions taken, words spoken, decisions made, but that is a reflection of imperfection. It is not a categorical sinfulness or cause for guilt.

If you accept your imperfection as being a part of the design of God, then you must also be willing to accept your failings as being part of the growth toward perfection. Accepting your own inadequacies empowers you to accept the inadequacies of others, be those inadequacies expressed individually or collectively. Your relationship with others is directly connected to your capacity to forgive. It is directly related to your ability to accept imperfection as part of God’s design. If God has created a world that contains conflict, inequality, injustice, then you must accept those conditions, not with a fatalism but with a sense of challenge.

Accept challenges in an imperfect world.
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