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Accept diversity.

August 5, 2018

You are not asked to agree with everyone. There is indeed value to having your own opinion. It is most natural to see life from your own perspective, but those differences can be a welcomed part of the sense of unity, the sense of presence, for presence does not imply sameness but rather confirms the value of diversity, as you would call it. When you accept diversity in life, in customs, personalities, objectives, and behavior, then you are on your way to seeing the ultimate reality of total union with one another.

The patience that you exert in a challenging situation is really a recognition of some common ground that can unite you with another. Indeed, patience is a virtue, but it is a virtue not because of the strength of the one who has patience, but rather because it illustrates the vision that one has of another.

Therefore, broaden your vision of humankind. Broaden your vision of your place in the continuum of all that has been created and all that will be created. Alter your vision to recognize the commonality of everything. It is a grand statement, but it is also extremely valuable and fruitful for you to pursue.

Accept diversity.
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