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Affirm dignity of all.

May 15, 2022

The difficulties that you are observing across the globe are indeed serious. There is much pain and loss. There is hatred, suspicion, judgment. All of these are negative energies, and from those negative energies comes the often-present demonization. Get beyond the demonization, for it blurs the heart’s vision. It doesn’t mean to ignore that what is negative is very present, but it does focus your energies on what each of you can do to bring positive energy to the world. Your objective, therefore, is to live your life to direct your energy always to what affirms the dignity of all.

Although you may feel overwhelmed by the indignities that are experienced, you can find ways of moving forward. You can find ways of bringing light into what seems like an all-encompassing darkness. It is at times like this that you have so many opportunities to seek understanding, so many opportunities to demonstrate in how you live your life what being loving can mean.

Affirm dignity of all.

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