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Affirm the value of everyone.

October 29, 2023

There is a constancy to life. Seek it out, recognizing what you have in common with all people. Focus your efforts in life to bringing out what is common, what represents unity in life. Forget about differences, for they are merely cosmetic. They have no importance in the grand creation of God. Close your eyes to the differences. Don't be critical. Don't be quick to find fault in another. Affirm the value of everyone you meet, for they are indeed as valuable as you. Be patient when you do not understand what another does, for in your patience comes learning, and through learning about another comes love.

Devote your energies to activities that accentuate the union of all of creation. It is not an easy challenge. It may be clearly understood, but it is so often poorly executed. You have a lifetime to work on it. It is indeed the most important thing that you can do. You should rejoice that you are aware of this! Take up the challenge and run with it and create the heat of love that reflects the intensity of God's love for you and everyone else.

Affirm the value of everyone.

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