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All equal in God’s eyes.

August 11, 2019

Never criticize an individual as being beneath being receptive to prayer. All that exists benefits from prayer. Those whom you fear and those to whom you are fully opposed are of absolute equal importance in the eyes of the Spirit Center, the God of love and compassion. All are equal. All are related together as a single entity.

That entity is not limited to a single location. It is not just a set of spiritual beliefs, sects, or philosophical understandings. The single entity is the entity of all that exists. It means all on your planet. It means all anywhere in the totality of what exists. Everything, every individual, all that you know of and all that you know nothing of are part of that single entity.

Avoid judgment, but that is judgment of an individual’s value, of an individual’s participation in being part of all that God has created. There really is no difference between any human being in terms of being a home of the spirit. That home may deny the existence of the spirit. That home may interpret the meaning of the spirit in any number of ways, but such an encounter with spirit has no bearing on the truth that the spirit is. The presence of God is.

There is no place in the shadow of God’s presence. There are individuals, societies, and collections of entities that deny or have not learned of the reality of the Spirit Center, but such denial, lack of vision, or understanding has no impact on the reality of the Spirit Center and your connection to that Center and to all else.

All equal in God’s eyes.
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