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All for which you pray is with you.

November 27, 2022

No matter what you pray for that is for the benefit of spirit, all for which you pray is already with you. If you are feeling physical pain, and you cry out to God for relief and release from that pain, God hears your crying out. The relief and release for which you pray is already part of your life.

What separates you from that prayed-for resolution is not that somehow God has refused to answer the prayer, but that you are still creating barriers to the kind of relief or release that is most beneficial. It does not mean you don’t pray to God because there is not a human-like figure who hears your prayer and is immediately called to action. It is indeed important to pray, and it is helpful to feel that what is received as a result of that prayer is because God listens.

You benefit from your prayers because you find ways of connecting to what is already present. You see chaos in the world, and you pray that such chaos and suffering can be alleviated. The seeds of that resolution surround you constantly. It is for you to open the eyes of your soul to recognize that presence.

All for which you pray is with you.

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