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All goals spiritual.

December 31, 2017

Everyone seeks something. No matter where you are upon life’s road, if you are fully in touch with yourself, you will recognize that there is still more to be achieved, whether professionally, personally, or spiritually. You never reach a stage in life which has no goals. As long as you have a goal, you will have an urge to strive for it. It is God and your perception of God through prayer which provide you with the selectivity for choosing the proper goals. Goals need not be mundane, and they need not be material. At times in your life, they may not even seem spiritual.

Ultimately, all goals are spiritual. If one prays for financial security, one assumes that by having that security one achieves peace, but peace is not really achieved unless it is received spiritually. Goals may be professional goals of obtaining a desired result, for such attainment can provide a feeling of achievement and self-worth and personal fulfillment. But you see, achievements and self-worth, this personal fulfillment, can only be ultimately realized spiritually. For others, it is a matter of getting along with people. If you try to get along with people, you will achieve a kind of peace. But that too is spiritual, for if you achieve a spiritual peace, you will get along with all people.

Perhaps you can see by these simple examples that there is no goal in life that is not, in the end, spiritual. There is no goal that you have that cannot ultimately be achieved through spiritual means. There is no goal in life that can be achieved without the presence of spiritual identity. Those who deny their spirit are in a constant state of tension, for they will not achieve what they seek.

All goals spiritual.
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