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All God creates is equal.

October 10, 1981

You are related to one another, but you are not more closely related to each other than you are to all that is. All that God creates is equal. There is nothing more important in creation—all is equally important. The stone, the speck of dust, the human, the galaxies are all the same to God, but you, experiencing an earthly life, have a uniqueness which separates you in character from the rest of creativity. That uniqueness is the potential for an awareness of God as the Creator of all that is. It means that you have a special relationship to God. It does not mean that you are more special to God than all else.

For many years scientists firmly believed the heavens to rotate around the earth as its center. This you know to be untrue, but many believe that human life is a kind of center which dominates God’s presence. That, too, is untrue. What is beyond the comprehension of humanity is that God is involved with every aspect of existence equally as much as God is with human life.

Life in human form is blessed by the presence of a soul. It is the soul which is so unique to human life. A stone does not contain a soul. A galaxy or a speck of dust is not in itself a soul—only human life. The divinity which is a part of you is that soul. But people can be in tremendous turmoil when they sense that events take place beyond the control of God. Nothing occurs beyond the view of God, but likewise not all that transpires is the action of God. Much which happens is the result of the human condition.

All God creates is equal.
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