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All is a shared spiritual entity.

October 4, 2020

God truly is because you are, but there is also the corollary that you are because God is. By saying that God is because you are, the emphasis is on you are. It is not just because God is. You are important, you are part of creation, and you hold within your hands the potential, the future, of what it means to be human. Since the human condition is a part of God’s creation, it is therefore a part of who God is.

God is not an external force that essentially states “I will create...,” and you fill in the blanks. God’s reality is that all that is created is a shared spiritual entity. Each individual shares a common value because you are a part of the energy of creation. You belong to the act of creation, and in your own way you belong to an act of re-creation, for you are engaged in what it means to re-create, to renew what has been formed through the spiritual reality you call God.

All is a shared spiritual entity.
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