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All is spirit and sacred.

May 1, 2016

God responds to your prayers because God and you are the same entity. There is no difference. All that is created is divine—every human being, every energy form, seen and unseen. There are stars, solar systems—those solar systems have planets. Those planets have life-forms. Yours is not the only planet. You are not the only entity that exists with spirit. All that exists contains spirit. All is therefore sacred. All that you see and all that you perceive to be merely space between you and another—that space, that empty space is sacred. The sacredness of things seen and things unseen cannot be violated. It is a reality.

You are therefore not separated from another across the room, across the land. You are absolutely connected. We are separated from you by the divide you label as death. We are all connected; we are all combined. The connection is continuous. Nothing exists independently, and therefore you are all the keeper of spirit. You are all the house of spirit. All that you know, all that you see, all that you touch and feel and smell and hear—all is sacred.

All is spirit and sacred.
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