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All life connected through spirit.

July 8, 2015

There are so many divisions that you are aware of daily, and those divisions are not in themselves what is important. What is important are the people, the human beings themselves, the sacredness of each life. A life surrounded by fear is no less sacred than another, and therefore a life consumed by anger is no less significant.

All life is connected through spirit, and it is through your awareness of that connection that you are joined as one, and as you feel that oneness, there is no space for judgment. There is only affirmation, one heart to another. There is only that strong thread of love that binds you with all human beings. Life is to be lived, of course, but life is not to be exercises in judgment. It is not the building of walls between people. It is the tearing down of misunderstanding. It is the tearing down of mistrust, of suspicion. It is the elimination of judgment. That is the goal for all, and this abolishing of judgment happens only as a direct consequence of your abilities to listen with the heart.

Have faith that all people are the same. Have faith that all people experience fear, not just you, not just those you know and love. Fear comes from uncertainty. Fear comes from moving from a place that is known to a place that is unknown. Fear is when you sense a loss of balance in your life, but it is through listening that you become a means by which balance can be restored for others and for yourself. You listen to others when you listen to yourself.

All life connected through spirit.
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