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All life is equal.

October 18, 2015

No life is as it appears. For the one who is joyous, there is a recognition of what brings pain. For another who is surrounded by pain and anxiety, there are also those compartments in life that bring joy and affirmation. No life is totally without light. No life is totally bathed in a light that never sees darkness. You share so many common experiences, even when they are not shared simultaneously. There is no life which fully deserves only pity. There is no life that is truly free of all that is considered difficult or trying.

What you see through your senses is not a full representation of what is there. You can think back so often to meeting others who were seemingly far different from what you came to know in time and through sharing. The individual who seemed to have everything had indeed experienced what provides sadness or creates anxiety and grief, and that individual who seemed to be suffering slowly revealed the presence of something truly joyous.

Life seems not to be fair, but the truth is all life, although different, remains equal. There is no life-form, human versus another form, that is preeminent in God’s creation. Everything has a purpose. Everything has the potential to enhance and expand what has been created. Of course, some people choose not to follow a path that is affirmative, loving, and supportive, but all have that innate capability.

All life is equal.
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