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All shall become balance, peace.

May 24, 2020

Two individuals may be in disagreement with one another, but over a period of time come to recognize their common interests, the common good, come to recognize how they are the same. Those disagreements were but a small step that led in the direction of final reconciliation. It is part of the human condition ultimately to find that reconciliation. There are those who are committed to it, there are those who are not committed to it, but humankind nevertheless moves forward, closer to one another. Organizations, institutions, and societies all share that common course, namely an acknowledgment that brings unity, that brings affirmation, and that assures ultimate balance.

Be committed as you can to doing what you are able to do that leads to understanding. Accept the fact that there are waves of resistance, there are forms of energy that temporarily stand in the way, but all lead inexorably toward unity. All that exists leads ultimately to balance. All that exists shall become peace.

All shall become balance, peace.
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