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All share spiritual elements.

March 24, 2019

You have as part of your spiritual being, elements—one could almost say spiritual particles—belonging to everyone who has shared life as living human beings. You are not one soul on an island totally independent of everything that is going around you or has gone around this world. Everything is interdependent. There is no separation really between your spiritual essence and those of all who have lived.

You all share spiritual power and spiritual love together. There is no distinct differentiation. Nothing is lost. Souls who have experienced human life are not cast away into some distant realm with no influence on human life. That simply does not happen. You are all connected, and since you are connected, no one is lost.

Proceed through your life with a strong commitment to the belief in the impossibility of loss. It makes everything meaningful. It makes everyone meaningful. It makes every relationship meaningful at whatever level it exists. This is an important concept for you to embrace. It is so different from what many cultures teach, but it is an absolute truth, undeniable, strengthened and clarified through God’s loving presence in your life and in the lives of everyone.

All share spiritual elements.
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