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All souls one entity.

September 10, 2017

There is an equality of all creation—humans, stones, plants, other animals, stars, galaxies, universes. There is a thread that combines all into a single entity. Your arms and your feet are not identical, but they belong in their differences to the person identified as you. Despite their seeming differences, they are connected. They are connected through blood, through chemistry, through a countless number of organisms that make up what it is to be human. No one can say your feet are someone else separate from you. No one can say your ears are separate from the hands. Even though they perform different functions, even though they appear different, even though they have different characteristics, they all still are a part of the same entity. They are a part of what makes you you.

All souls with their individual characteristics are nevertheless a part of the same entity, and it is those differences that we identify you through, for each soul, although part of a union of one, radiates a different energy of light. It is by that energy that you are identified as being who you are. We are not aware of differences between being male or female, one color or another, one religion or another, one sexual preference or another, one party or another, one nationality or another. There is really no such identity. There are only differences in the kinds of energy that you emit through your lights. It is in the acknowledgment of the importance of these identities and their belonging to the single unit that is the God Center which is of ultimate importance. You cannot discriminate against another human being, for you are discriminating against yourself, and you are disrespecting the place you have in the single entity of All That Is as a creation of the God who binds all that exists together.

If you reach down and pick up many varieties of flowers in your hands, and you care for each flower, you value each flower, and you recognize the different characteristics of each flower, by accepting those individual characteristics you create a beautiful bouquet. The beauty is through the celebration of those differences and yet acknowledging the equal value that each has for the creation of the bouquet that you hold in your hands. It is God who holds and embraces the bouquet of creation. Each person is a colorful flower without whom the bouquet would be incomplete and diminished.

All souls one entity.
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