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All spirits belong to the Creator.

May 28, 2023

Many guides illuminate the paths of knowing life-forms in universes that are beyond your awareness. Those universes have different dimensions, different ways of organization, different ways of interaction, different forces at work. The universe you know has its own limitations, its own restrictions, its own character. Scientists continue to gain an understanding, but the true universe is infinitely more complicated than can be fully understood. It is so with all universes.

Our spirits’ presence as guides, therefore, spans universes far different from your own. We are aware of these realities, and there is no expectation that you should also be so aware. You exist on your path. You exist on your earth. The God of creation is a God of all universes and all that is contained within them. Regardless of which universe a spirit entity thrives in, all spirits belong to one another. All spirits belong to the Creator and to all that is.

There is a logic of sorts to these universes, and that logic is not a logic of physics or chemistry or any of the sciences you know. It is simply a logic of spirit presence. That presence in your universe is identified as love, for that is a concept that you can understand, but there are other kinds of logic that belong to the Creator that are shared with all that exist.

All spirits belong to the Creator.

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