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All that is in the world is worth caring for.

December 31, 2023

You hear so much discussion about the environment and caring for the earth. There is great wisdom to that, for in recognizing the necessity of caring for your world, you are acknowledging that all that is in the world, animate and inanimate, is worth caring for. That sense of trying to reach out to life around you with care is a recognition on your part that there is something about life that exceeds your own human existence.

You are but a point on an infinitely large circle. You evolve. The circle expands, but the circle is never broken. Being part of that circle of all that is means that you belong to all that create that circle. The connection that you feel toward others is a connection of the circle. A circle is used as an example, for it does not contain a beginning point. You may think of that circle as all that God is and all that God has created. You may think of that circle as God. You are evolving on the circle of God. There is no beginning of that evolution. The only end is your awareness of the totality and inclusiveness of that circle on which you belong.

Life is sacred. Human lives are sacred because of what they hold within them as evidence of God. You are the hands, feet, eyes, and heart of God, for you belong on that circle. You are part of that circle, but no one is the entirety of that circle. The circle expands far beyond your place, but without your place, there is a breach. The circle then has a beginning and an end. It is because of you and all human beings that the circle that is God, the circle that is God’s creation, has no beginning and no end. It is constantly evolving and growing. It is constantly becoming an energy form that is pure love.

All that is in the world is worth caring for.

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