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Allow others a sense of dignity.

May 31, 2020

Your relationships with other human beings reflect support. It is that support which is the foundation for all that is beneficial in human relationships. When there is no sense of support, any help in a direct and personal way will be greatly diminished, for without support there is no sense of self-dignity. Without a sense of dignity, there is no receptivity, for receptivity requires dignity. Without that receptivity on the part of another, any help you offer will be less than what you desire. Take away a person's dignity and there is nothing left. Allow an individual the sense of personal dignity and that person will feel completely fulfilled. It is the support that ensures their dignity.

Much that you pray for on behalf of others can be responded to as the direct result of dignity. Even health issues involve a sense of dignity. When an individual feels self-validity, self-value, personal dignity, self-respect, call it as you will, the emotional impact of physical ailments is diminished, and a kind of healing can take place. When one feels oneself to be a victim, there is no dignity, and there is no healing. The victim is one who is not aware of the process of healing or the potential for healing. One who is self-aware, one who recognizes value of self, is never a victim.

Providing value to another, affirming the other, enhances their sense of dignity. Their lives are then under their own control. They are not being manipulated by others. This is what is so essential in your relationships with others. With that support in place, it is possible to have a loving exchange of opinions, differences in attitudes, sharing of different perspectives, and an ultimate resolution to those differences, not an agreement but a resolution, an acknowledgment that those differences exist and an affirmation of the valid qualities inherent in those differences.

Allow others a sense of dignity.
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