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Ancestors are parts of your life.

April 14, 2019

God is completely a part of your life. All of your ancestors are parts of your life. There is no distance really which separates them. There are spheres of spiritual development—additional planes of development if you wish to call them that—which have different locations. But those locations are not physically apart from one another, for to traverse from these locations to where you are is immediate. Such instantaneous proximity does not take place over distances. This is difficult for us to make clear to you how souls may be developing in a location which is not the same location you find yourself in and yet virtually at no distance away. This is one of the riddles of life.

As a soul develops it relinquishes many of the ties it has to human life. The soul becomes more involved in perfection. That involvement carries attention away from human life and more toward the direct calling of God. And yet if you pray for such a soul—for its development, its growth—it is immediately with you. There is no distance.

In time you will all understand that the dimensions of our lives are void of time and space. It is merely existence. Your hand may be some distance from your elbow, but the hand is not separated from the elbow. The foot may be some distance from the head, but it is not separated from the head. Perhaps this analogy can help to understand the issue of spiritual development at other locations and yet always being nearby.

Ancestors are parts of your life.
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