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Anxiety not significant.

October 7, 2018

Anxiety, fear, worry—these are all clouds that obstruct your vision. When you experience moments of such clouds, whatever they may be, step back and remember those times when you have felt the soaring of your soul and think for a moment that that brilliance, that energy, that love and exhilaration are still every bit a part of your existence. When you see back to those moments of such energy, you recognize how transitory your frustrations and anxieties really are and also how insignificant they are.

There is nothing that can cause anxiety that is of any real significance, for what is significant in life is love for oneself and others, and a recognition of the presence of God in the form of love offered by others. That’s what is significant. Such considerations are never a source for worry or anxiety or fear. You fear what is closest to you. You fear the dangers that lie around the corner, but you don’t fear the whole journey. You don’t fear the path of your life. So you don’t fear what is significant, only what is insignificant or transitory.

Anxiety not significant.
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