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Ask for God’s peace.

November 3, 2019

If you are to receive real peace, you can only receive it when you are open, when you are ready. God’s peace is with you at all times, but it only becomes yours with the asking. God is like a physician outside the door to a sickroom. God can help, but cannot unless invited to. You must make an effort to welcome God’s guidance, to invite God’s help to be a part of your activities. Peace can be achieved with an intensity that blocks out all frustrations, anxiety, and worry. You are able to draw upon such peace, receiving it with that intensity.

The world requires peace. When you think of world peace, you think first of military peace, but that is the least important kind. The most important peace and the most difficult to achieve is inner peace. When you are at peace within, you can be at peace with your neighbor, you can be at peace with the world. So much energy is devoted to the expression of concern of military armaments. It is true, there is great danger, but the solution in the end, the long-term solution, can only be achieved when individuals accept their own sufficiency, accept their adequacy, accept their sense of self-worth. They become at peace with themselves because they see themselves encompassed by God’s light.

When you are at peace, when you are not anxious, when you are not dissatisfied, when you do not feel greed or jealousy or anger or self-righteousness, then you are not motivated to control others. A country is not motivated then to control another country or to acquire more land, more wealth, more power. The expression in life of “peace achieved within” is the avoidance of those qualities. When those qualities are missing, peace in the world may be achieved. There is no need for military armaments. There is no need for political pressuring, dominance, or influence.

Ask for God’s peace.
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