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Ask God what is important.

December 10, 2023

Seek time in your daily activities when you can quietly ask God, “Is this important? Is this essential?” The answers will always be clear and direct. If they are unimportant or nonessential, then there is good reason for you to move those activities and worries behind you and focus on what is central to your life.

The cluttering of lives is not to be interpreted merely as a material one but also an emotional one. Bereavement is a cluttering of sorts. Worry about another is a cluttering. You must face the reality that there are those parts in your life that you alone cannot resolve which must be handed to God. You ask for help from God, but for God to work with you in dealing with issues, you must be willing to let those issues be passed on to God. It doesn’t mean that you have no control over them and let happen what will happen. It is rather the willingness to act on faith with the knowledge that in all of the issues, God is a part.

You are a partner with God. You are not somehow separate from God. Your actions are done in partnership with God. Your reactions, your emotions are exercised in partnership with God.

Ask God what is important.

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