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At war with yourself.

May 5, 1984

The result of inner peace is knowledge and understanding. You cannot grow in understanding if you are at war with yourself. One nation does not grow in its acceptance or understanding of another if it is continually at war with it. You learn more about a nation through peace than through war. You learn more about yourself through peace than through conflict. It is not easy when you are filled with inner conflict to recognize that you as an individual are really important.

You are instructed to seek inner peace. Through that peace comes understanding, but to achieve that peace, you must first accept yourself. If you cannot accept yourselves as you are, how can you reach any sense of inner peace, for you will always be dissatisfied, and dissatisfaction shields out peace?

Patience with self and the acceptance of oneself leads to patience directed outward toward the acceptance of others. If you cannot accept yourself, how can you possibly be accepting of another? You pay the instruction mere lip service. You acknowledge the need to accept others, but you cannot fully accept them. Recognizing that need is not the same as accepting and loving and serving. Those are the goals. They are not merely the lessons. Your lives must therefore be geared toward the activation of those goals and not just the knowledge, the need for them.

At war with yourself.
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