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January 21, 1984

If you find disagreement with those with whom you work or associate, keep in mind that you are all after the same things really. You want what is ultimately the best, but each will find a different route attractive. It is important, therefore, to recognize the commonality of principle in all of your dealings with others. Recognizing that unified principle, you are much more able to achieve agreements to issues of importance.

What is the best solution? What is the ultimate objective? If you search deeply enough, you must ultimately recognize that the underlying principle which governs all issues is the presence of God in some form or another. It may be an attitude of love or an attitude of acceptance or one of tolerance, but it is God’s presence.

The issues which confront you in your daily life generally seem far removed from some kind of recognition of God. They may involve money or discipline, career, family, health. They may take many forms, but everything has its place within the creation of God, and therefore everything is interrelated by that very creation. That is the underlying principle.

Life alters significantly within a relatively short period between satisfaction and frustration, joy and remorse, closeness/distance, agreement/disagreement, confidence/concern. You cannot change that. You cannot change what life is, but you can control your attitude toward it. You can control what you do to the challenges of life, and by recognizing the commonality each of you shares, your response to all that life is around you will be according to God’s guidance.

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