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Awareness is heightened after death.

April 21, 2019

The process of spiritual passage is essential to all who experience human life. The emphasis is on spiritual passage, for the soul remains the same. It is merely a change in state. Awareness is not terminated; it is heightened. Such passage which all must experience is a joyful one—one never to be feared.

It is difficult for those who are left behind, for they are unable to experience in a tangible way the presence of the one who has moved to a new sphere. But you must always recognize that the next sphere is not necessarily in a different place. It is a change of state, not location. Those who have gone before you are as close to you as they were in human form, for in spiritual form there is no such thing as space. There is no distance between you and your guides. There is no distance between you and loved ones who have passed over. You're immediately united with others simply through the power of thought and prayer. Just as you can instantaneously imagine yourself in another location, regardless of its distance, just as quickly is the soul of another close to you.

Awareness is heightened after death.
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