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Balance love of self and others.

February 19, 2017

Your life does not proceed in a straight line. Indeed it proceeds in many lines simultaneously. The trick is to keep a sense of perspective on where your activities are leading you. You may be involved in efforts which both promote yourself and are directed toward the betterment of others. Both of these polarities are necessary. You are well aware of the need for serving others, for love directed outward is a response of the soul, but so too is love directed inward. You cannot neglect the needs you feel as an individual. You must, in fact, balance your perceived needs with the needs of others.

Life, then, is very much a balancing act. The two directions which pull you do not occur always at the same time. There are moments in your life when your needs are oriented toward yourself with little capability of responding to the needs of others. There are other points in your life where the needs of self are relatively unimportant, and you are motivated towards ways of serving another. There is no need to feel guilt when the needs of self become important, nor is there basis for pride when your activities are oriented primarily toward others. What is important is that your life swings back and forth and does not remain locked in only one position.

Balance love of self and others.
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