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Be grateful for all.

November 20, 2016

Prayer is the means by which you establish a sense of balance in life. When things go well, when things are falling your way, that is the time for providing thanks to God, for it is by God's grace that you were given life, and it is that life which provides the environment for such satisfaction. When events in life run contrary to your hopes and aspirations, that is also a time to give thanks to God, not just to ask God to change what is, but also to thank God for being given a life providing so much opportunity for development.

If you are ill, give thanks to God for health, for illness provides a glimpse of God's grace in the form of health and an appreciation of the meaning of life. When one is ill, life does not cease. Life changes, life takes on deeper meaning. Small events become significant events. One experiences life at whatever level is possible more intensely. If one is ill, one is more appreciative of the sacrifices of others. One is more appreciative of friendship. One is more appreciative of love. One is more appreciative of closeness. There is much to be gained. Every experience you encounter holds within it grounds for your giving thanks to God.

Be grateful for all.
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