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Be grateful for what you have.

July 9, 2023

Your sense of the transition you call death, what you and all human beings experience, is always met with a certain degree of uncertainty, of fear perhaps. It is often met by a sense of loss, losing what is left behind, as well as those who are not in transition understandably experiencing a different kind of loss. The impact of transition is actually that you can apply your desire in life, not to focus on what is lost but rather what is, for everyone experiences losses. They may be physical losses or personal losses, but they are still losses.

For those who are consumed by what they have lost, the meaning of life for them is greatly reduced. Everyone experiences losses, but you have within your capacity the ability to assess losses and to cherish what is, to cherish life as it is, to cherish the shortness of life, for it is short for everyone. Your life is but a moment in your growth. It is a moment in your ongoing transition, for when you are obsessed with what you do not have, you are unable to be grateful for the gifts you do experience.

Be grateful for what you have.

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