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Be inspired to become love!

February 11, 2024

You are loved because all are loved. You have pathways because all have pathways. There are pathways for all life, human or not. There are pathways of all that exists in your universe, and there are pathways for each universe. All of these pathways share a common destiny, that being becoming fully love. Be not intimidated or feel belittled when we speak of the magnitude of creation, for that is not our aim. We wish merely for you to understand that you are essential to the presence of all that is love everywhere. You belong to all that is created, and you therefore belong to all that is love.

Be comforted in your awareness of the grandeur that you label as God, for you are an important part of that grandeur. You belong and all belong and all participate in that presence of God everywhere.
Be warmed by love.
Be illuminated by love.
Be inspired to become love!

Be inspired to become love!

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