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Be patient with yourself.

May 5, 1984

When you become impatient with yourself or impatient with others, you are simply acknowledging that there is a gap between where you are or others are, and where you or they ought to be according to your own perception.

God is never impatient. You must also learn never to be impatient. The greatest impatience is impatience toward oneself, not impatience directed to others. Impatience toward others is judgmental. Impatience toward oneself is destructive. You are who you are. You will never be what you are not.

Essential to the establishment of patience is the acceptance of who you are. It is one matter to accept who you are. It is quite another to know who you are. Life is a kind of unfolding, a rolling away of the shrouds which camouflage who you are. As the years progress, you become more aware of who you really are, but regardless of the degree of your awareness, you can always, at any time in your development, accept who you are. God has given you a purpose, an identity, and although you may not be fully aware of its nature, you must accept its truth. If you accept who you are, you are accepting God’s presence in you. You may not be fully aware of the depth of your reality, but you must accept the worth of your reality. When you fully accept that you are who you are, that you have true worth, that you are in part divine—that divinity establishing your value—then you have traveled far along the road to self-patience.

With that patience ultimately comes peace within.

Be patient with yourself.
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