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Be receptive to others.

October 16, 2016

Life proceeds in two directions. At its best it is outward reaching, and it is always receptive to the reachings of others. You cannot live a meaningful life rejecting others—rejecting the needs of others, rejecting the offering of others. There is a sense of fulfillment when you give and what you give is actually received. Frustration occurs when you have much to give but it is rejected.

It is the same in the other direction. In order for another's life to have meaning, you must be receptive to what another offers. By accepting the love offered by another, you are strengthening the love which is being offered, and you are in turn being strengthened, for your capacity to love is significantly enhanced by the love you have received. A young child receives love, and its result is the capacity to give love. A child who does not receive love is incapable of offering it. It must be experienced to be given away. The mutuality of that relationship is unmistakable to all of you.

Be receptive to others.
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