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Become another to be loving.

February 9, 2020

To be the most loving toward someone else, you must become for a moment that other person. You must sense the fear, the pain, the anxiety, the impatience, the anger that another feels. In a sense then, your ability to see relates directly to your capacity to become. If you are concerned about the well-being of nature, first see how nature supports you, how it is important to your own well-being. Then and only then allow yourself to become joined with that for which you pray.

When you pray for nature, you are fully aware of your connection with nature. You cannot talk yourself into that awareness; you can only experience it. That then is seeing nature. That is knowing the impact of nature upon you. You are then aware of the oneness of you and nature, and when you pray for nature, you are therefore recognizing and affirming that oneness. Your vision is completely clear.

It is the same way with individuals. If you experience love from others, you are empowered in your abilities to become another person. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that you are exactly the same, but you identify in a profound manner with another. When you become that other person, you are then able to reach out and be loving and supportive. You are empowered to uplift another, giving another strength and confidence, even health. Your ability, therefore, to uplift another is related directly to your ability to see yourself as the other.

Become another to be loving.
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