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Become the voice of God.

October 9, 2022

There are times when you must be receptive to God’s speaking in your life and times when you are strengthened by the love of others. It is not necessary at all times for you to be giving of yourself again and again and again. It is fully appropriate for you to step back and be ministered to through the loving attention, the loving guidance, the loving presence of others.

You become the voice of God when you have experienced the voice of God. When you know firsthand from your own senses that God was there, you are able then to be God’s hand, God’s voice, and God’s conscience.

Yes, you can speak against injustice and intolerance. You do so because you believe that is what is right, that is what gives dignity to others. You are at that moment the hands, the feet, the heart, and the eyes of God.

Become the voice of God.

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