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Being an expression of God.

January 29, 2017

It is through touch that you express the love for another, and it is in that expression that you are embracing God. You are welcoming the presence of the creative energy that sustains you, and you are becoming one with it. As you reach out and embrace another, you are the expression of God. Your prayers for another are always an expression, for those prayers are offered with the intent of comfort and with a recognition of the oneness that is shared by all.

Human life at its best is a life that reaches outward. Of course there are times when you reach outward not to touch another but to be touched by another. You are an expression of God, but you also reach out to seek God’s presence in your life. So that reaching out becomes an essential component to your connection to all that is.

Reach out to nature. Find the smallest, most tender plant and embrace it with your thought. Find ways of connecting to the world around you in ways that you can touch and communicate. If you reach out in such manner to a tree, you will feel the energy of that tree. You will feel the energy of the Creator by which that tree exists. Reach down and grasp the soil beneath your feet, and give thanks for its life-giving presence. Reach out to your friends, and give thanks to their life-giving presence.

Being an expression of God.
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