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Being at peace.

October 8, 1983

External peace has with it the potential for inner peace. Imagine your life characterized by the achievement of such calm on a daily basis. You may say that it is either impossible or impractical. It is neither. You do not need to withdraw for a couple of hours. Even five minutes of just being a part of life—not trying to control it or respond to it, but being able to float, as it were, in a sense of timelessness—allows you the opportunity of drawing enormous spiritual energy. It also allows you the chance of regaining physical strength and endurance, for you are allowing the physical side of your life to back off and not to dominate, thereby providing a chance for the spiritual part of you to come to the front as a controller of your life.

You often allow insufficient opportunity in your life for backing away physically and letting your spiritual self dominate. Much is thereby lost—not in a sense of going backwards, but in losing the opportunity for moving forward. Your life is busy with many activities—physical, intellectual, emotional—but these activities are not of prime importance, although they do dominate the majority of your available time.

Make an effort to find time in your life daily for settling back and being at peace. If you feel that there are days when such cannot happen, then perhaps it is because you choose for it not to happen. Not all that takes place in a day is the result of external influences. Part of everything you do is done through your own choice. You can find time. It may be early in the morning. It may be in the evening just before falling asleep. The time is not important, but allowing for an opportunity is.

Being at peace.
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