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Best for all is best for you.

September 27, 2020

Part of your journey as human beings on a search for God is to recognize those issues which are indeed temporary in nature and which are of great significance. How is that winnowing accomplished? How do you know if what you experience is really essential and must be welcomed?

The answer, of course, is complicated and structured with many layers. Very simply, whatever is best for all is best for you. But having said that, the question still arises, what is best for all, for your perception of that question is based in large part on your experience. If you don’t feel that sense of community, it is difficult to identify what is best for all. If you are indeed on a search for the divine light that you identify as God, then you can only base your approach on what is important upon your perception of what God is, who God is, how God’s presence is enacted, and how it is experienced by others.

This discernment is ultimately a search for an answer to the question: how can I be an instrument of God? Knowing that as your perception and understanding of God changes, so will the answer to this question change.

Best for all is best for you.
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