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Blessings of giving and receiving.

December 16, 2018

So often individuals give to others solely because they think they must, and they expect the recipient also wishes to receive. Some give out of guilt, some give out of compassion, but giving realizing there is nothing in return and realizing there is no expectation that such giving take place is in fact giving from the spirit center. It is being godly, for God does not provide support in light because you deserve it. You are the recipient of light, you are the recipient of love because that is what God offers.

Work toward a willingness to receive. You may not feel you are entitled to the gifts of others, but abandoning entitlement as a possibility, you are left with a state of vulnerability where you receive not out of entitlement but rather through love. You receive through the love of another. You are given strength through the love of another. You are blessed when you give with no hope of receipt, but you are also blessed when you receive with no current hope of giving back.

Blessings of giving and receiving.
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